At its heart, Archtify is an architect-led, design and build firm, with a passion for service excellence that transcends the typical experience of engineers and building contractors.

We think differently, we act differently and we delight in the challenges of “difficult”, “demanding” and “detailed”.

From the earliest feasibility advice through design, build and post-completion maintenance, Archtify manage the full spectrum of Greek bureaucracy and sub-contractor performance to ensure your hard-earned budget is invested directly in to the property, rather than squandered between competing service providers.

Our mission is to absorb the pain and stress in the project and leave you to enjoy what should be a fun, creative and fulfilling experience.

Archtify’s joined-up
services include:


  • Conceptual design

    We adopt a dynamic approach to conceptual design, respecting both the Cretan landscape and tradition together with environmental sustainability. From the earliest meetings we use both two and three-dimensional architectural drawings and photorealistic images to achieve the highest levels of clarity with fully engaged clients
  • Building design

    Archtify’s goal is to create exceptional living experiences through smart, applied architectural design. Our passion is to invent new fresh and innovative solutions that adapt the multidimensional attributes of space, environment, technology and economics to the very specific requirements of each client. The result is a building design that captures and exploits all opportunities and ensures our clients achieve maximum value and equity.

    Given Chania’s significant architectural heritage, Archtify also has specialist team that focuses on the renovation of old buildings. Using a combination of the latest materials, technology and traditional building techniques, we bring the old, hidden glories of every building to life for a new generation – without ever compromising technical performance.

  • Interior and furniture design

    Beauty is always in the smallest detail; the finishing and features of stonework, the lighting effects that reveal the beauty of a beamed ceiling, a sympathetic colour scheme that’s reflected thoughtfully through carefully selected building materials, decoration and furniture pieces. There is a simplistic elegance to the way everything fits together that’s not achieved by luck but through great design.
  • Landscape architecture

    The design of external areas can sometimes be a project afterthought, but the overall aesthetic damage to a project caused by ill-considered external areas can be considerable and costly to retrospectively correct. Archtify adopt an integrated and holistic approach to internal and external living design that allows both areas to flow effortlessly in to each other.


  • Construction

    Over the years, Archtify has developed an extensive and diverse portfolio of construction experience from contemporary to traditional, from new build to renovation and from rural to urban.

    We know from experience that achieving excellence and value for money at every stage of the build process can be difficult using any one single contractor. Archtify have a deep understanding of contractor competencies across Crete and leverage this knowledge on behalf of our clients to assemble and manage the very best team with the skills-sets and experience needed to deliver against a project’s particular requirements.

  • Project management

    Archtify provide comprehensive management of your project, which can be tailored to suit your needs as a full or partial service. Some clients like to be involved alongside our project managers, whilst others prefer to remain in the background or simply to receive the keys to the front door at the end of the project.

    Regardless of service tier, we provide a multi-lingual and professionally qualified project management team, delivering seamless communication between our clients, architects, materials suppliers and the construction workers on the ground.

    In order to guarantee the quality, clarity and precision of our client’s requirements and expectations, Archtify has developed “Between Us”, a secure and dedicated portal accessed through this website. Between Us allows clients and Archtify to keep the exchange and evolution of ideas, drawings and documentation in a single secure location, avoiding the mis-communication that can often happen when conversations occur over email and multiple messaging applications.


  • Pre land-property purchase

    – Acquisition advisory service

    At Archtify we often find ourselves providing problems solving advice to clients who have discovered issues with earlier land or property purchases. Archtify can eliminate these costly and time-consuming problems by pre-qualifying land or property that meets the client’s requirements and guiding clients through the purchase process without the irritation of pushy sales people like Maria and Claudia.

    – Feasibility advisory service

    Once, suitable land or property has been identified, Archtify can provide more detailed feasibility advice including evaluation, budget and buildability reports, which enable you take fully informed decision and avoid costly errors.

    – Legal and financial network

    Archtify can introduce clients to an extensive network of legal and financial professionals according to specific requirements. Introductions to “known quantities” can often be of considerable value rather than taking a leap in the dark.

  • Pre build

    – Commercial authorizations and documentation

    Obtaining building permission in Crete can create several different layers of challenge – in some respects it can be as much of an art as a science. Archtify has deep experience and connections across the relevant authorities including the archeological, forestry, agricultural and architectural committees.

  • Post build

    – Final control inspection

    – Legalisation services

    Whether purchasing or selling property, unauthorized development outside the scope of original building permission can now be a major issue throughout Greece. Archtify’s deep expertise in this area can usually add significant value by advising clients how to mitigate and overcome these issues.

    – Rental services; EOT, EPC’s

    The regulatory burden for rental property owners has never been so great. Archtify help their clients navigate these areas with simple advice or a full managed service.

    – Structured maintenance services

    The Cretan sun and winter storms can take their toll on properties that are inadequately maintained. Failure to respond in good time, or with the right materials or workmanship can exact a heavy price on a property’s capital value. Archtify offer clients a periodic inspection service that ensures property is maintained appropriately and our client’s equity is fully protected.

    – Disposal advisory service

    Timing, as the saying goes, is everything. Archtify offer clients professional, fully independent disposal advice taking in local market conditions, trends and forecasts.

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