Archtify reject the ordinary and acceptable. We strive to create exceptional living experiences through smart, applied architectural design. Every square metre receives detailed consideration to ensure all opportunities are captured and exploited and our clients achieve maximum value and equity.


Achieving excellence and value for money at every stage of the build process can be difficult using any one single contractor. Archtify have a deep understanding of sub-contractor competencies across Crete and leverage this knowledge on behalf of our clients to assemble and manage the very best team with the skills-sets and experience needed to deliver against a project’s particular requirements.


Under one roof, Archtify’s multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual team can provide professional advice and services across engineering, design, construction, land/property acquisition and disposal and structured maintenance. These services can be seamlessly wrapped within an end-to-end project or delivered on a modular basis without any loss of control to external third parties. Either way, our clients are assured a cost-effective and painless experience.

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